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Sober Living in Louisiana

Sober living environments in Louisiana are focused on helping individuals who have previously suffered from addiction or substance abuse furthering their recovery process toward a drug-free lifestyle. It is not necessary that an individual attend a treatment center in order to gain access into a SLE, although attending a treatment center does help to build the skills necessary to rehabilitate on their own accord while residing in an environment such as this. People that have not attended a treatment center initially may find it more difficult to adjust to the new environment in which drugs and alcohol are prohibited.


A SLE in Louisiana would typically consist of a house funded by a private individual or business. The sole purpose of an environment such as this is to help recovering addicts reach a long-lasting drug-free lifestyle. The residents of the environment would need to remain abstinent from drugs and alcohol while also demonstrating the key steps to ensure they are on their way to a full recovery. Recovery plans are available in the environment while programs such as the 12-step program or meetings such as NA (Narcotics Anonymous) or AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) attendance is required. Being able to socialize is an important aspect as one would need to build the social skills necessary to transition into the real world upon completing their recovery process.


What can be expected in this type of environment?

Due to the supportive nature of the environment, housemates are able to help one another through difficult times that may lead to regression in one’s progress or even relapse. If a resident were to help another member of the household, they may find a greater sense of self-confidence and self-esteem regarding the recovery process; ultimately furthering them to a long and lasting recovery. Through empathy and understanding between housemates, many of the obstacles that are associated with this stage of recovery from addiction or substance abuse may be dealt with on a member-to-member basis.

Rules are an important part of any SLE, though there are many rules that may differ from environment to environment. The rules that remain constant would be no tolerance to violence and the use of drugs or alcohol on the property. Though the rules enforce abstinence regarding use of drugs or alcohol on the property, for purpose of the recovery process, residents are subject to drug tests in order to ensure they remain abstinent from the use of drugs or alcohol during their recovery. Chores will also need to be upheld by the housemates in an effort to maintain the living space; these would typically be split up between housemates and regulated to ensure they are done.


The benefits of the this form of aftercare

Independence is one of the greatest benefits of sober living in Louisiana. A SLE allows members to continue with their day-to-day tasks such as work or school while still receiving many of the benefits one would receive if they were attending a treatment center. The independence from living in this environment gives the members the ability to practice skills that are necessary for their transition back into normal society. The social benefits of friendships can be established through mutual respect; this may better the chances that residents take it upon themselves to ensure their housemates uphold their values during the recovery progress. Sober living in Louisiana is known to have a safe and productive environment for the residents while the recovery process is undergone.

Beating an addiction can be very difficult if faced alone. Sober living in Louisiana provides a supportive environment in which people are surrounded by like-minded individuals who are dealing with the same stresses of life. If you or someone you know is finding the recovery process difficult, get in touch with a SLE today and allow the treatment to continue in a structured and support orientated environment.


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