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Alternative Treatment in Louisiana

Many traditional treatments for addiction have stood the test of time and have been used successfully for decades and longer, but research into addiction continues and alternatives to the traditional mainstays are constantly being tried and found to be effective.

Alternative treatment in Louisiana is really a misnomer because the so-called alternatives are most often used as additional therapies rather than replacements, and this is where their strength lies. The traditional treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) are highly effective at helping people to understand their addiction and its underlying issues and helping them learn to cope with the issues surrounding addiction, but an alternative treatment in Louisiana such as equine therapy or restorative yoga can have enormous benefits that CBT cannot provide.

Traditional Treatments

Typical traditional treatment programs for addiction begin with medically-assisted detoxification to rid the body of the substance of abuse. This is usually followed by a period as an inpatient in rehab, or in some cases by partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient treatment. Therapies used during the post-detox period usually include a mix of CBT, group therapy, family therapy, individual counseling, and medication therapies to reduce cravings and ease the withdrawal symptoms.

Alternative Treatment Options

The range of alternative treatment and therapies available in Louisiana rehabs is expanding all the time. Yoga and meditation are common, along with art and music therapy. Equine therapy is a growing area because the value of interactions with animals is becoming better understood. Other areas of alternative treatment in Louisiana include biofeedback and chiropractic care for addiction.

Restorative Yoga and Meditation

Restorative yoga is a specific variation of yoga that is designed to restore a damaged body and mind back to health. Like other forms of yoga, the restorative version involves practitioners using muscle and breath control to achieve and hold a number of poses. The act of following the set of poses calms the mind and allows the person to begin to recover from the physical and mental ravages of addiction. The mind is restored to peace and is taken away from the worries and anxieties common to addicts in recovery. The practice reduces cravings for drugs and alcohol and improves self-esteem. The sense of control that comes with adopting the poses and controlling the body, mind, and breathing all give participants a greater sense of self-awareness and feeling of being in control, which is often lacking in addicted people.


Equine Therapy

Working with animals has long been known to be effective in raising self-respect and self-esteem, and alternative treatment in Louisiana involving horses (equine therapy) are growing in popularity in Louisiana. In equine therapy for addiction the recovering addict usually works with the same horse each day, and may participate in grooming and exercising the horse and tending to its other needs. Riding may or may not be involved.

Looking after a horse and getting to know the animal gives the recovering addict an outside focus and helps them to learn to accept responsibility for the needs of others. If treated well, the horse responds with trust and unconditional love, both of which improve confidence and give the patient a greater sense of self-worth. The horse’s actions provide feedback that helps the person to understand which of their actions produce a positive response, and which result in the horse losing trust. This can then be extrapolated to relationships with other humans.


Art and Music Therapy

Making art or music, or even listening to music are calming and raise the self-esteem of participants, and provide an effective form of alternative addiction treatment. They both encourage creativity and enable recovering addicts to express themselves in new ways. Since art and music are mindful activities, they also reduce cravings for drugs or alcohol and take the thoughts outside and away from the inner turmoil common in addictions.


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